Reveal.js – a marvelous toy

Edit – 2021-06-30: The site Renault Société is no longer available online. For examples of usage, rather look at Reveal.js website for demos.

Recently, I have done a project called Renault Société. The technologies used here were:

  • iCMS, my own custom written CMS, based on CodeIgniter (a PHP-based framework).
  • jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Reveal.js (Github)

The result is exceeding my expectations by a million miles. Reveal.js is at the center of this magazine. While iCMS is managing the content management of the magazine, Reveal.js is in control of the presentation layer.

I have investigated the source code of Reveal.js, and found it clean, easy to understand, and it caters for extreme customization. How often do you see (or hear) that “all sites based on a certain framework” are all looking the same? I have heard several complaints of that ranging from Drupal to Joomla!, as well as WordPress and other popular open source systems. My opinion is that when this is the truth, the people designing the presentation layer thereof is simply too lazy to dig in and customize it properly.

The showcase for Reveal.js is largely a case in point. Many of the showcases have plainly followed the base template developed by Hakim El Hattab, the author of Reveal.js. Very few of the submissions are deviating from this base template, and I am proud to announce that our site is vastly different from most of those out there, and also better looking.

I would just like to use this opportunity to thank Hakim for his brilliant project. Thanks for all the hard work. It is an amazing project!

Feel free to browse around Hakim’s website. You will find lots and lots of interesting things…

Until next time!