Replace the value of one column with a value from another column in MySQL

Let’s say that you need to import a large set of student data together with the campus (string), faculty (string) and course information (string).

Your main table, let’s call it `students` must have ID links to the separate tables, `campuses` (ID), `faculties` (ID) and `qualifications` (ID).

Your problem: you received the data in a single flat file, where each student record is in a line – thus, non-normalized data. How do you go about this? Here is a way:

  1. First import each separate sub-table (if I may call it that), for example, `qualifications`. This will give each string entry a primary key and name (depending on the fields and setup of your table).
  2. Next, in your `students` table, set the field types of the foreign keys to the a string variant (or type matching your data; of course, these are not keys yet at this point – currently just regular columns in the table).
  3. Now import the entire flat file (including the text values for the columns that need to be referencing separate tables.
  4. Update the `students` table with the appropriate ID from its sub-table, for example, `qualifications` [Query follows below].
  5. Once the string values are replaced by IDs, simply set the field types for these IDs in the `student` table to the same type as the sub-table’s ID (typically INT).
  6. Finally set your foreign keys if you need to.

Here is the query you will need to do replace the values (as explained in Step 4 above) by matching with the string value for the sub-table in the `students` table with the `name` field in the sub-table:

UPDATE `students` s
SET s.qualification_id =
(SELECT `id` FROM `qualifications` q WHERE = s.qualification_id)

Do this for each separate sub-table, and you’re done.