Client abuse… what do you do?

It is a well known fact that by conceding in everything a client says is a recipe for disaster. Okay – so you set your price. The client tells you it is too high, and that you will have to come down drastically to get the job. More often than not, especially when your company (or you as a freelancer) is not known well enough to be able to demand the price you want and deserve, you do just that.

A client who mastered this technique often utilizes all their skills in that department to get a huge job done for the least amount of money. As a business manager, that does make sense to do, but some take this too far.

How often do you complain that you are dealing with cheapskate clients? How often do you fume about the amount of effort, work and quality they expect for the paltry amount of money they pay you? If you are falling victim to the practices mentioned above, chances are that you are often in that boat, and are in danger of being dragged away by the current.

So – how do you overcome this? In my opinion, and as corroborated by various sources on the internet, marketing and entrepreneurial magazines, and other publications, it has to do with your ability to stand by your price, deliver value for money at that price, and be open to negotiation in a moderate degree. Be open to be negotiated to a 10% lower price, but more than that, you’re risking becoming a victim of this phenomenon.

Should you succeed in getting your price, and you deliver a good quality product, chances are great that you will build a reputation of strength, and get glowing testimonials from your satisfied clients.